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Providing Advanced Treatment for Your Ankle Pain

While most ankle problems won’t require surgery, when you do need it, you need to know that your health is in the hands of someone with the skill, training, and experience to help. At The Foot Health Center, we help patients across Maryville bring relief to their ankle problems through ankle surgery.

Our skilled surgeons, Dr. Louis Aquino and Dr. David Kinscherff, combine decades of experience with the latest proven techniques to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

Types of Ankle Surgery We Provide

As experienced surgeons, we practice a variety of surgery types for patients with ankle difficulties. Our surgery types include:

Arthroscopy: When a more in-depth examination of the ankle is required, this minimally-invasive procedure allows the surgeons to inspect the ankle bones, tissues and ligaments through a small incision. Certain treatments, such as removing small pieces of cartilage or debris, may be performed as part of this procedure, as well as ligament repair.

Fracture Repair: The most common type of ankle surgeries, this procedure helps to ensure stable bone growth and prevent future problems. The type, placement, and severity of the fracture determine whether additional measures, such as metal plates and screws, are needed to hold the bone in place while it heals.

Ankle Fusion: A surgical procedure sometimes used for patients with significant arthritis in the ankle. The fusion alleviates pain by restricting the ankle from moving up-and-down or side-to-side. Patients are still able to maintain mobility so long as the other ankle has a full range of motion.

Ankle Replacement: Less common than hip or knee replacement, yet a fully viable option for arthritic patients. When arthritis pain inhibits joint motion and medication provides no relief, ankle replacement allows our surgeons to attach an artificial joint, allowing an improved range of motion without arthritic pain.

How Do I Know if I Need Ankle Surgery?

Ankle surgery is typically only used in more severe cases of damage or pain. To determine if ankle surgery is best for you, our surgeons begin with a thorough examination of the targeted area. This includes gauging your pain level, testing your mobility, and using tools such as x-rays and ultrasound to evaluate your ankle structure. We also take into account other factors, such as your overall health, age, and lifestyle, to get a full understanding of how surgery would impact you.

Our surgeons and staff know that surgery can be a daunting prospect. We take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns, and always explain your options so you can feel confident in your healthcare choices.

If you experience frequent pain, have been diagnosed with arthritis, or have recently injured your ankle, it’s important to schedule an exam with us. The sooner your problems are addressed, the better your health will be! Contact our office and make your appointment today.

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