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Skilled Treatment for Patients with Metatarsalgia

Chronic foot pain can be debilitating. If you suffer from metatarsalgia and treatment hasn’t brought any relief, it may be time to consider metatarsalgia surgery.

At The Foot Health Center, we provide expert surgical treatment for patients across Maryville and the surrounding communities. Dr. Louis Aquino and Dr. David Kinscherff offer years of experience helping patients find relief for their metatarsalgia.

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Metatarsalgia Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment

Metatarsalgia – foot pain located in the ball of your foot, usually around the main joint in the second toe – is a fairly common source of foot pain, and can have multiple causes. Not every case will need surgery, which makes accurate diagnosis important for finding the right treatment.

Our doctors are careful to study your situation and take all appropriate steps to arrive at a diagnosis. This process can include examining your foot closely and asking questions about your pain, occupation, lifestyle, and other questions. An x-ray may also be needed to gain more information and determine if there is a fracture.

Treatment typically includes various non-invasive tactics, such as changing shoes, wearing insoles, and weight management. If these methods are ineffective, or if there is a more serious underlying cause, surgery may be the best way to provide relief.

Metatarsalgia surgery involves correcting the underlying causes of metatarsal pain. The purpose of surgery may be:

  • To correct bone misalignment, such as hammertoe
  • To remove a Morton’s neuroma (a nerve that has thickened or become irritated, causing pain)
  • To treat a bunion which is putting pressure on the metatarsal

Metatarsalgia Surgery After-Care

Once your surgery is complete, we provide instructions on how to care for yourself during recovery. Metatarsalgia surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be able to go home not long after treatment. Your foot will need to be protected by a boot and crutches while it heals, and physical therapy may be needed to help strengthen the muscles. Most patients can begin light exercise around eight weeks after surgery, and more strenuous exercise after three months.

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