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Enjoy An Active Life Beyond Arthritis Pain

Anyone who’s experienced arthritis knows the impact arthritis pain can have on your daily life. While there may not be a cure, the right treatment can make a world of difference.

At The Foot Health Center, we work with patients in Maryville to help them find the most effective treatment for their arthritis pain. Our surgeons, Dr. Louis Aquino and Dr. David Kinscherff, and our dedicated team offer first-rate treatment by pairing the latest proven techniques with experience and compassion.

To find out more about the types of arthritis treatment we provide, schedule a visit to our office today!

A Personalized Approach To Arthritis Treatment

One person’s arthritis symptoms may be very different from someone else’s. This is why we offer a variety of arthritis treatments and personalize each approach for every individual patient. When you come to us for arthritis treatment, we work with you to determine the best course of action for your case.

Treatment begins with a full consultation. We evaluate where and when your pain presents, how severe it is, and what you’ve tried that has or hasn’t helped you. We use this information to decide on which treatments to recommend. We prefer a conservative approach to treatment, starting with simpler changes and gradually trying more intense or invasive treatments according to your individual needs.

Conservative Arthritis Treatments We Provide

Our arthritis treatment options are widely varied, enabling us to create unique treatment plans for each of our arthritic patients. These treatments may include:

Medications: Prescribed medication may range from anti-inflammatories to counterirritants and immunosuppressants.

Custom-made orthotics: Our office can craft customized orthotics to fit your unique foot structure, providing the support you need for better mobility and less pain.

Physical therapy: A good therapy regimen can help strengthen the muscles and make movement easier.

Steroid injections: This treatment is often combined with other therapeutic steps for greater effect.

Weight loss: Working toward a healthy weight can alleviate some of the stress on the affected joints. We work with you to create a weight loss plan you can use safely and effectively, often as part of a complete treatment regimen.

Surgical Treatment For Arthritis

If more conservative treatments are unsuccessful, our surgeons can also provide pain relief through surgery. There are three main types of surgery for arthritis including:

Joint Repair: Used to smooth or realign bones at the joint for improved movement and less pain. Often achieved through arthroscopy, which uses small incisions.

Joint Replacement: Uses artificial joints to replace damaged ones and restore mobility. Joint replacement is available for knees or ankles.

Ankle Fusion: When pain-free joint movement is not possible, the ankle may be stabilized to limit or eliminate bending completely.

Each case is judged individually, and we always take care to ensure that you can ask any questions and gather all the information when surgery is recommended. Our goal is to help patients feel in control of their care as well as their mobility.

Ready To Find Relief From Your Pain?

Our expert team at The Foot Health Center is excited to help you enjoy a more active, fulfilling lifestyle. Find out more about what we can do for you when you schedule a consultation today.

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